Benefits of Cremation, Why Cremation is Better Than Burial?

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The benefits of cremation are quite numerous, not only for the family but also for the society. The question of what can be done with the body of a deceased person is determined by several factors. Firstly, the law, which clearly defines the possibilities that the country in which we live allows. Secondly, religion, which no less influences the decisions taken in connection with burial. Thirdly, the customs of the community and finally, one’s own views and beliefs.

The proponents and opponents are likely to be the same and each has their own arguments. Therefore, the choice of funeral arrangements is an individual matter and there is no right or wrong solution. This article is not intended to criticise anyone but only to list the undeniable benefits of cremation.

Benefits of cremation:

✅ Saving space. One can imagine endlessly expanding necropolises. Especially in large cities. Cremation of the body saves space, regardless of whether the urn will be stored in houses or in a columbarium.

✅ The cost of maintaining a cemetery site, which is not unusual, is very high. A much cheaper way would be to place the remains of the deceased in a columbarium, at home, in the garden or scattered in a place indicated by the deceased.

✅ The costs of the funeral ceremony itself. This is a major saving on, among other things, the number of people employed to handle the funeral.

✅ Urn is cheaper than coffin

✅ Greater choice of final resting place. The coffin must accommodate the body of the deceased and therefore it  must be designed  in a specific shape. An urn for ashes, on the other hand, gives you complete freedom to choose the shape and the material of which it is made.

✅ Division of ashes. This is a custom that is popular in many communities. It involves the use of a set consisting of a large urn and several smaller ones. A keepsake is a mini urn for a small portion of the ashes, which is just used to divide the ashes between family members.

Benefits of cremation. A great selection of cremation urns.

You need to choose apropriate urn for the ashes if you decide to cremate the body of a deceased one.What should you know when choosing a cremation urn? First of all, you need to determine its capacity. The Urn Size Calculator will help you with this, where you simply enter the weight of the body and you are given information about the correct parameters of the urn.

  • Companion Urn: Large urn for the ashes of two people.
  • Large Adult Urn: Urn designed for the ashes of an adult.
  • Medium Urn: A medium size urn for the ashes of a person with a smaller weight or set of keepsakes.
  • Child Urn: This is a smaller urn with a capacity suitable for the ashes of a child.
  • Keepsake: Mini urn for a small portion of the ashes, mainly used to distribute the ashes among family members.
A great selection of cremation urns, various urns, benefits of cremation

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Where to store the urns ?

The first thing to remember is that the urn should not be exposed to the conditions if it is not designed to do so. Most importantly, most urns should be stored in a columbarium, catacombs or at home. However, what if you want to place the urn in the garden, for example?

There are special urns designed for this. Outdoor urns are urns made of rain-, wind- and temperature-resistant materials, so we only recommend this model.

outdoor urn, steel outdoor urn

Please remember !

✅ Choose an urn of a bigger  capacity than the urn size calculator indicates

✅ If possibile, keep the ashes in a plastic bag

✅ If you are not sure about  a proper urn, Please – contact us

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Cremation, Why Cremation is Better Than Burial?

  1. I like that you pointed out how cremation of the body saves space, regardless of whether the urn would be stored in houses or in a columbarium. I went to a funeral the other day and I saw that the deceased was cremated instead of buried. I heard cremation is quite popular nowadays due to all the perks it bring compared to the traditional burial.

  2. It’s really interesting to read about how cremation can be done in different kinds of sizes and proportions. This could be a great sentimental way for our two grandparents to be memorialized as they’ve had a very wonderful life together. I’ll inquire about a companion urn for sure when I find a cremation service in the area.

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