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Custom Urns

Urns inspired by customers ideas

If you have an idea for an urn and cannot find one anywhere, please let us know. We make urns outside our range and we are open to your suggestions. Making a special urn can be easier than you might think. It is a great idea to highlight the uniqueness of the person you are saying goodbye to and a special way to remember them.

Two Teddy Bears

Our original children’s urns are very popular. A steel ball for ashes and the attached ornaments and a memorial plaque create a perfect whole. Modified urn at the customer’s request. Embedded two ornaments in the form of Teddy Bear.

You can see the full offer of children’s urns in our blog. Infant cremation urns.

Urn for twins, sleeping babies

The perfect urn for the ashes of twins depicting two sleeping babies. We offer ornaments for our children’s urns that can be freely modified. This urn was created at the request of a customer who needed one urn for the ashes of the twins.

The stainless steel ball ensures the safety of the ashes for many years. See other stainless steel urns and more. Do you have an idea for an urn? Please feel free to say so.

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