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Custom Urns

Urns inspired by customers ideas

If you have an idea for an urn and cannot find one anywhere, please let us know. We make urns outside our range and we are open to your suggestions. Making a special urn can be easier than you might think. It is a great idea to highlight the uniqueness of the person you are saying goodbye to and a special way to remember them.

Darth Vader urn for ashes.

Urns referring to Star Wars turned out to be very popular.At the request of our customers we have prepared another urn with the image of Darth Vader. Star wars Urns.
Faithful Star Wars fans love to surround themselves with gadgets with images of Star Wars elements. For a true fan the only last haven is a Darth Vader Urn. See in our  online shop >>

Yoda, Star Wars Urn

After death you can do many unusual things with your human remains. On request, we have made a cremation urn in the shape of a Star Wars character.
The Yoda, Star Wars Urn is dedicated to true fans of the films about jedi knights and their adventures.
The urn is made from sturdy metal materials. See in shop >>