Silver urns. Sphere and box. 2 Kinds of Unique Urns.

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Silver urns. The most noble of colours,considered to be minimalist and fres.Commonly associated with youth and innocence. Used in visual communication by both clinics and luxury brands. A neutral colour, very rarely used as an only colour. Hence, silver urns are unique and very often chosen as the final resting place for a deceased person.

The silver color is associated with the solidity that stainless steel undoubtedly presents, which we often use for our own cremation urn designs.

Silver urns. Stainless steel spheres

A brilliant idea to use a stainless steel ball as an urn for ashes. You won’t find urns like this anywhere else. A solid steel ball set on a base with a hole at the bottom for pouring in the ashes. Urns ideal for adults, children and keepsakes.

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‘In the hands of angel’. A stainless steel ball placed in a hand casting.

A symbolic urn, representing ashes enclosed in a steel ball held in the hands. Due to its size, the urn is intended for a child or a person of  low  body weight.

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Very solid urn, cast inside with resin. Hands made of cast concrete. The ball fits perfectly into the casting. The whole thing looks really impressive. The urn catches the eye and arouses curiosity, it is memorable. It does not look like a typical urn, so we can hide this fact from outsiders.

It has a hole on the bottom through which ashes can easily be poured. To be sure, the thread can be sealed with silicone or glue.

Silver urns in the shape of silver boxes.

Perfectly simple shapes are the hallmark of these cremation urns. Inside, they are lined with a soft material, so it is recommended to keep the ashes in a plastic bag. An elegant wooden lid completes the look. We can place decorations on the lid in the shape of a cross, butterfly or rose, along with a memorial plaque

Silver ornaments on the urns

Ornaments and memorial plaques in silver often complete the look of other cremation urns. They work perfectly as decorations for wooden urns and contrast beautifully with natural wood.

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Urns are containers for ashes, which must be strong and airtight, but they also have a decorative function in our home and must be aesthetically made and well-thought out.

Silver is a very neutral colur and the urns will look beautifully in every surrounding.

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