Rose Urns for human ashes. Unique ashes containers with flowers.

rose urns for ashes, color burgundy and gold rose on the front, gold and burgundy urn metal cremation urn

The rose flower is one of the most popular motives to accompany a funeral urn. Rose urns are urns that have an emblem in the form of a rose. Roses symbolise love, passion and beauty, and are therefore so often chosen to decorate urns for ashes.

A rose is the flower of love and deep affection. It is referred to as: ‘Queen of Flowers’ and there is nothing surprising about this, as its beauty, delicacy and fragrance are a symbol of truth and delicacy.

As one of the most popular flowers, the rose has acquired a huge number of meanings. It has risen above other flowers and, apart from its floral or aesthetic significance, usually carries a message. It has been present for centuries in culture, literature, painting, heraldry in situations important and special to people, and even in religion.

Types of rose urns for ashes.

The rose motif appears most often on wooden and metal urns, because these are the most commonly decorated urns and a gold or silver rose fits perfectly with these types of materials.

Wooden rose urns. Wood and rose are a wonderful combination. A silver or gold rose placed on the urn adds to its extraordinary charm. Through a rose, love can be declared without words. The perfect urn for someone you have a true love for.

Metal urns. Another category of cremation urns with motives of roses. They look beautiful on solid metal urns, for the reason that they contrast perfectly with the colours of the urn.

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The importance of the rose among Christians

The rose appears in many religions. In Christianity, a rose with thorns symbolises martyrdom and the rose’s thorns refer to the crown of thorns that Jesus Christ wore on his head during the Stations of the Cross.

On the other hand, the rose without thorns is a Marian symbol, as the flower signifies the immaculate conception. The rose in Christianity signifies Mary’s deep and boundless love for God.

The rose is the most popular decoration for a cremation urn, right next to the cross and calla lily. Each urn can be decorated in the way you choose. Any choice of decoration for any urn.

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