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Unique creamation urns for ashes.

Beautiful urns for human or pet ashes.

Each of us faces difficult choices in our lives. The death of a loved one is always a difficult experience and brings with it a number of decisions that we must make in the near future. One of these decisions is where to bury the deceased. Drawing on our many years of experience, we would like to help you make the right choices and answer the question: What size urn do I need?. Our unique cremation urns for ashes are solid and beautiful.

When we decide on cremation, the natural next step is to choose a suitable urn. The first and most important problem to solve is the choice of an urn with the right capacity for the body weight .How to do it? It’s very easy, just visit URN SIZE CALCULATOR .
There we can enter the weight of the deceased person and we receive information about the corresponding capacity and ready-made suggestions for urns.

We then make a decision, what kind of urn do i need?. Here we have a huge choice: Wooden cremation urns, Stone cremation urns, Artistic cremation urns and many, many more.

About Us

Remember Forever Company

Remember Forever is a company that provides advice and sales of cremation urns. We also offer related accessories and make urns to customer requirements. We run a family business based in the beautiful surroundings of south-eastern Poland.
The company’s activities are narrowed down exclusively to this field, which is reflected in the quality of the products we offer. For many years we have been making unique urns for demanding customers in the highest standard. Check our opinions: GOOGLE REVIEWS

Our Products

We offer the highest quality creamtaion urns made of carefully selected materials from the best manufacturers.We also make urns on special request custom urns. Many of the urns on offer are made strictly according to our design.You will not find the same ones anywhere else.
For each urn we offer Memorial Plaque,with your own text. Personalised urns allow you to express your feelings and capture the last words addressed to a loved one, which you often do not have time to say. See >>

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Such a positive experience and an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL product. The customer service is 10 stars.

Nenum Rocks Avatar Nenum Rocks

I ordered the Soccer Urn which arrived today from Poland and I’m extremely pleased with my purchase. The whole process went really smoothly and I was able to track the... read more

Val Brown Avatar Val Brown

Outstanding company, fast delivery, caring for customers. I have no words to describe how good they were with me when i had a problem with delivery, they did everything they could... read more

Eduardo Alonso Corrales Avatar Eduardo Alonso Corrales

Received this beautiful and unique urn for my sons ashes. Its just perfect. Could not fault this company one bit, communication was good, letting me know all info regarding delivery,... read more

Jaki Carmichael Avatar Jaki Carmichael

Superb efficient service as requested on Good Friday and received Tuesday after Easter holidays. Fast replies to emails and helpful sourcing chosen product. My mum`s wooden ashes ... read more

Linda Pitsillides Avatar Linda Pitsillides

Amazing service from this lady, from start to finish. Nothing is too much trouble. I needed extra wording, which they did for me. Hopefully I never need to buy again... read more

Samantha Dunsmore Avatar Samantha Dunsmore

Beautiful urn and an amazing service.

Natalia Moreira Barge Avatar Natalia Moreira Barge

A beautiful urn. Arrived quicker than I thought, Exceptional customer service. Would use their services again but hopefully not for a while. Would recommend Remember Forever without hesitation

Barbara Harden Avatar Barbara Harden

Unique Cremation Urns for Ashes: Preserving Memories in a Special Way

When it comes to honoring the memory of a loved one, finding a unique cremation urn. These cremation urns for ashes offer a range of options that go beyond the traditional designs, allowing for a more personalized and meaningful tribute.

One popular choice is unique keepsake urns, which are smaller in size and offer a way to share the ashes among family members or keep a small portion as a memento. These keepsake urns come in various shapes and designs, such as miniature replicas of objects that held special meaning to the departed, like a book, a musical instrument, or a cherished hobby item. They serve as a tangible reminder of the person’s passions and interests, providing comfort and solace to those left behind.

custom urns


For those seeking an even more personalized touch, custom urns for ashes provide the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind memorial. These urns can be customized with engravings memorial plaques, artwork, or even photographs, capturing the essence of the person’s life and journey. From intricate designs to heartfelt messages, custom urns allow for a truly unique and deeply personal remembrance.

To ensure the appropriate size and capacity of an urn, cremation weight calculators and urn size calculators can be invaluable tools. This online special calculator take into account the weight of the deceased and provide recommendations for the suitable size of the urn. It is important to choose an urn that comfortably accommodates the entire amount of ashes while also allowing room for any additional mementos or keepsakes.

In certain cases, such as when scattering or interring ashes in water, waterproof urns for ashes are a practical choice. These urns are specially designed to be water-resistant, allowing for a dignified and secure placement for example in garden. With their durable construction and waterproof seals, these urns provide peace of mind and ensure that the ashes are respectfully preserved in their final resting place.

Unique cremation urns for ashes

Unique cremation urns for ashes offer a wide array of options to create a personalized and meaningful tribute to a departed loved one. From unique keepsake urns to custom-designed urns, there are choices available to suit different preferences and honor the individuality of the person being memorialized. With the assistance of cremation weight calculators and urn size calculators, it becomes easier to select the right size urn to hold the ashes. Ultimately, these unique cremation urns serve as cherished vessels, preserving the memories and legacies of those we hold dear.

Urns for adults and urns for babies play a significant role in honoring the lives of our loved ones, providing a dignified and lasting memorial. While traditional urn designs have their place, there is an increasing demand for unusual and cool cremation urns that reflect the individuality and passions of the deceased.

pyramid urn and artistic urns

One distinctive option is the urn shaped like a pyramid, which adds a touch of mystique and symbolism to the memorial. The pyramid has long been associated with strength, wisdom, and the eternal nature of the soul. These pyramid-shaped urns serve as a unique tribute, representing the remarkable journey and achievements of the departed.

Pets hold a special place in our hearts, and personalized urns for pets allow us to honor their memory in a meaningful way. These urns can be tailored to reflect the personality or breed of the beloved pet, ensuring a fitting tribute to their unconditional love and companionship. From paw prints to engraved nameplates, personalized pet urns serve as a lasting reminder of the joy and happiness our furry friends brought into our lives.


In addition to their symbolic and personal significance, these unusual and cool cremation urns also offer practical features. Many of them are crafted with durable materials such as metal, ceramic, or glass, ensuring the preservation of the ashes for generations to come.

Whether it’s an urn for adults, urns for babies, unique pyramid-shaped urns, or personalized urns for pets, the wide variety of choices allows us to celebrate life’s journey in a way that is meaningful and special. These urns serve as cherished vessels, holding the memories and legacies of our loved ones or beloved pets, forever stay their presence in our hearts.


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