Cremation urn plaques. A Special Plaque With Your Text.

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A cremation urn is a very important item, so we want it to be unique and look great. Cremation urn plaques will help us with this, as they will contain our words or unique graphics. Most often, we also put the deceased’s details and dates of birth and death on such a plaque.

What is a Personalised Urn?

It is simply an urn, containing unique elements, specific to the person whose remains are in the urn. Most often it is a memorial plaque, with engraved text, specially commissioned, but not exclusively.

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A personalised urn is also an urn that reflects a hobby, profession or characteristic features of the deceased. For example, for a man who was a taxi driver all his life, an urn with the image of his car may be the right urn. Black Taxi Cab Urn >>.

Can every urn be persoanlised?

Of course, every urn can have a memorial plaque, however not every urn can have a memorial plaque glued on it. If the urn has irregular shapes, such a plaque can be added standing alone. In this case, we can position it in any way we like and anywhere we like.

Cremation urn plaques are a good way to ensure that future generations will have no doubt as to whose remains lie in a particular urn.

How are cremation urn plaques made?

We engrave plaques with a laser, on a high quality laminate in silver or gold. Thanks to laser technology, there are no limitations for us in terms of the font, shape or graphics you would like to engrave.
We match each urn with a matching plaque colour, so for urns with a predominantly silver colour, we will also add a silver plaque.The colour of the plaque you add is always visible in the auction.

The plaque is self-adhesive, so you do not need any additional glue. If you glue it onto the urn, it will stick very firmly and will certainly not fall off.

What if I have no idea for a unique text on cremation urn plaques?

It’s nothing, you can use some of the suggestions you will find here >>.

It’s not unusual, in a situation where you lose someone close to you, it’s hard to choose the right words. You may feel that in this situation any words spoken will be trivial and empty. Therefore, cremation urn plaques can also be used merely as an information plate with the deceased’s details and dates of birth and death.

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