Medium Walnut Cremation Funeral urn for ashes

Medium Walnut Cremation Funeral urn, Walnut cremation urn medium size

Medium Walnut Cremation Funeral urn. Cremation urns are used to hold the ashes of a deceased person after they have been cremated. A medium-sized walnut urn would typically be able to hold the ashes of a person who weighed up to around 200 pounds before cremation. These urns are often made of wood or ceramic, and they can be decorated or personalized with engravings or other decorative elements. The choice of an urn is a personal decision and it can be a way to honor the memory of the deceased person.

Medium size urns are very well suited as an urn for the ashes of a person of low body weight. It is also common practice that a medium urn is ordered in a set with keepsakes, in order to divide the ashes among family members.

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