Teddy Bear CremationUrn for Child Memorial Infant Urn Stunning Cremation Ash Urn

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The urn is made from a stainless steel sphere that is both durable and beautiful. The sphere is set on a marble base that provides a stable and secure foundation for the urn. The base is elegantly designed, with a smooth and polished finish that highlights the natural beauty of the marble. The small teddy bear figurine that sits on the base adds a touch of warmth and comfort, creating a tribute that is both beautiful and comforting.

One of the most important features of this urn is its size. The urn is ideal for holding the remains of an infant or child. Its compact size ensures that it can be kept in a special place in the home or placed in a smaller niche at a cemetery.

The urn is also designed with functionality in mind. The stainless steel sphere features a threaded opening that provides easy access to the inside of the urn. This makes it simple to add or remove items as desired, such as a special memento or keepsake. The threaded opening also ensures that the urn can be securely sealed, making it a safe and practical option for families who wish to inter their child’s remains in a cemetery.

The Teddy Bear Cremation Urn for Child Memorial Infant Urn is a beautiful and unique way to honor the memory of a precious child. Its use of high-quality materials, elegant design, and inclusion of a small teddy bear figurine make it a one-of-a-kind tribute that is both practical and beautiful. Whether displayed in a special location in the home or used to inter remains in a cemetery, this urn is sure to be a cherished and lasting reminder of a life that was too brief but never forgotten.


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