Condolences examples. Beautiful and touching words after death.

condolences examples

What are condolences? It is an expression in words of regret and compassion after the death of a loved one. Condolences are most often made to our relatives or the closest relatives of the deceased, whom we knew during our lifetime. Here are some unique condolences examples. Beautiful and endearing condolences arranged especially to express regret and offer support to the loved ones of the deceased.

Condolences examples:

We are deeply sorry to hear about passing of your [relative/co-worker/friend/deceased person name]. We know that he/she was a wonderful person, a great friend and he/she loved his/her family deeply. We really hope that in these hard times your family members and friends gather around to show you support, kindness and love.

Please accept our deepest condolences. Please accept our deepest sympathies during this hard time. Our thoughts and prayers are with your and with your family. We hope that memories you have with your [name of the deceased relative/co-worker/friend/person] are going to comfort you in this moment of pain and loss. We know that this is a very hard time to you, hence we offer you our support in any way you need.

Even though words are not going to take away grief you feel from the loss of [name of the deceased person] we hope that this message is going to bring comfort to you and your family in this painful moment. We are deeply saddened by your loss but our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your [relation of the recipient with the deceased person] was an incredible and kind person who bring joy and happiness to everyone around him/her.  [Name of the deceased] was a great friend, a wonderful family member and an amazing human being. A great soul and may he/she rest in peace.

We are deeply sorry about your loss and you have our sympathies. Hence, we stand with you in this time of need. Remember that [name of the deceased person] is going to live as long as our fond memories of him/her are going to remain in our hearts. Please accept our condolences and sympathies and we really hope that you and your family are going to stay strong in this time of need.

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